Giving people a second chance to match in a carpool


Carpoolers who don't get matched have no other option but to find an alternative way to get to their destination. For people driving, this isn't so bad because they have a car. But for people riding this could be the worst part of their day. They might have to take a more costly mode of transportation, make arrangements that inconveniences others or worse, end up being stranded.


  • Give carpoolers the ability to have a second chance to match in a carpool.
  • Increase retention by making Scoop more reliable for those who want to use it as their primary commute method because they will be more likely to match in a carpool.
  • Make Scoop more flexible by allowing carpoolers, specifically drivers, the ability to match in a carpool outside of the normal scheduling deadlines.

User Research

I worked with our User Researcher to define the goals for the usability tests. In order to let carpoolers explore the designs, I created multiple prototypes in InVision, which we shared with them via a link over video. I sat in on the tests to get a better understanding of how our carpoolers thought, felt, and understood about the new experiences. Below are some of the things they said that stood out.


  • Gauage the carpoolers comprehension of the feature to make sure they understand how to use it.
  • Validate the design decisions we made.


These are some of the designs we explored early on.

Driver and rider views.


These are some of the designs we tested with our carpoolers.

From left; Driver view, rider details, rider opt-in, and rider view.


After the user tests were completed, the User Researcher put together their findings in a doc. The doc included what carpoolers said and suggested edits to the designs.

A couple of the suggested edits were; the location of the feature, which caused confusion about how it differed from their normal request and the copy made it hard to understand when the Shortlist opened and closed.

Below are some quotes from our carpoolers that stood out.

If I don’t get matched, or get canceled on, put me on the Shortlist.
Is the drop-off how long it takes to get from my home to work?
I'd be willing to try different addresses, or even walk to more convenient locations to get matched.
I would like to be notified if or when a I was matched instead of needing to check the app.


Allow drivers to create a carpool by choosing a rider or pair of riders from the list. They would only be allowed do this after the scheduling deadline if they were canceled on or didn't schedule.


These are some of the flows created for both rider and driver experiences. Flows are a fundamental part of our process. That means it's important to make sure details, e.g. when does the Shortlist show (indicated by the blue arrows), are documented.

From top; Rider canceled on and Driver did not match.


Drivers are shown a list of riders. The list items are presented as a card, which has the most pertinent details that a driver would need to make an informed decision on whether or not they'd want to carpool with a rider or pair of riders.

The main views for drivers.


Riders are shown the status of their request. This gives them insight into what is going on. They are told when they'll receive an update, if their request is being viewed, and most importantly if they've been matched. They also have the option to opt-in when they schedule and can edit or delete their request once in the Shortlist.

The main views for riders.