Sindeo CRM

Empowering employees to help customers get a mortgage


One of Sindeo's main differentiators from its competitors is its unbiased customer service. Having the right technology makes it easier for the Mortgage Advisors to provide unparalleled service. Currently they use three platforms to get the job done. Having to navigate back-and-forth between the different platforms is time consuming, annoying, and un-intuative. One of the platforms was an out-of-the-box Salesforce solution that was preventing the Advisors from focusing on their customers because they were focusing on what wasn't working properly because it had not been customized for them.

Myself and my co-worker along with the Director of Customer Experience and engineers developed a customized, streamlined and robust solution.


We interviewed the majority of our MA's finding their likes and dislikes, what was working or broken and created an ideal user flow based off their feedback. What we found was insightful. It was also clear that design alone couldn't solve all the problems, but a back-end refresh was also needed.

Why do I have to use three systems to complete an app?
Why does it take so many steps to just enter a piece of info for a lead?
Why doesn't the leads information transfer from one system to another?
Why am I required to fill out all these fields when I only need three?
The dashboard is useless because it's too hard to read and the data is wrong.
I have to create views to find the best leads, why can't it be automatic?


This is the starting point when an MA first logs in. The idea here is to show an MA what they need to do next so they can focus on how to best help the customer and not worry which lead is the best or not. They can view their performance and figure out if they are meeting their goals or not and funnel down into a more detailed view.

The MAs homepage.

Lead List & Details

Currently the MA's have to navigate away from their leads list and back just for the lead details. We solved this by creating a view that had both the lead list and details. This saves a click and time, time the MA's could spend helping customers.

The Lead Details is where an MA spends most of their time.


Each lead has a detailed view of their activity. Anything from filling out a form to uploading a document is captured here. This allows an MA to know when to communicate with their customer or complete the next step.

Activity of a single customer.


Right now MA's navigate away from Salesforce to access documents that the customers upload. This takes the MA's out of context and slows them down. By combining these two systems we have saved MA's countless hours a month and made it easier to move between documents and updating info.

The documents section.


The MA's currently use an external mail app that doesn't have templates, requires MA's to copy and paste text (very error prone), and makes them switch apps to complete tasks. Including a way to email customers in the same app the MA's work from makes their life easier, less mistakes are being made, and of course saves a lot of time.

Emailing a customer.


When MA's are on the phone with customers they need to jot down info that wasn't collected from them filling out a form online. They have two places to do that so if they need to look at a document or the customers activity they always have a place to add a note.

Adding a note with others already added.


Once a lead is converted into an app the MA's have to go into another system. Again, we combined the two into one to remove the app switching and save time.

One page of the questionnaire.


It is very important for the MA's to stay on top of their tasks and have their day planned out. Instead of using an external calendar app we designed one inside of Salesforce. Tasks or meetings are automatically added and it is smart enough to not have tasks overlap. If a potential customer schedules a phone call with an MA it is added to the calendar and a notification is sent to alert them.

Different views of the calendar.

Activity - Customers

Anything that happens with an MA's customers and themselves is added to this feed. Being able to see what happened and when is very helpful to the MA. It allows them to take action as soon as a document is uploaded or an email is viewed.

Activity of all customers and the MA.